Who We Are

Who We Are

Georgians for Solar Freedom (GA4SF) is a grassroots movement of likeminded individuals that understand the value of generating more solar energy in our state. Unlike some advocates, we push for more solar energy based on core conservative principles in order to accomplish key conservative priorities. GA4SF wants more solar options because it is the right thing to do politically and economically for our state and our country.

Why Solar?

What We Stand For:

National Security

Our dependence on foreign oil puts our security at risk. While we support new traditional energy projects like the Keystone XL pipeline and more drilling, we want a true “all of the above” domestic energy plan. By combining the responsible utilization of fossil fuels with increased affordability of solar, we can achieve energy independence and cut off funding to those who may wish to do use harm.

Free Market Competition

The free market is a powerful force. With energy costs from traditional energy sources increasing, we need more competition from new sources to help drive overall prices down. That’s how we deliver affordable energy for businesses that create jobs, as well as families that are feeling the crunch in household budgets. We want to compliment- NOT do away with- fossil based sources of energy.

Technological Innovation

The 20th Century was the “The American Century” due to our ability to innovate. From mass producing the automobile, to developing a weapon to end a World War, and then connecting us all via personal computers and the internet, America led the world for 100 years. Now some of our country’s brightest minds and most forward thinking venture capitalists are driving innovation in solar technology for the 21st Century.

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Feb 16




For Immediate Release: 2/9/2016        Contact: solar@gasolarfreedom.com

Yesterday, Chris Perkins on behalf of Georgians for Solar Freedom and the Atlanta Tea Party, testified in front of the Senate Economic Development and Tourism Committee in OPPOSITION to SB 321, which would ban transparency of utility energy data by expanding the definition of a “trade secret” to include a...

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Jan 16

Georgia Southern Installs Solar-Powered Patio Furniture

sun-trees Every year, students, faculty and staff members at Georgia Southern in Statesboro, Georgia submit proposals for sustainability projects. Recently, $40,950 from the Student Sustainability Fees at the university was used to install four solar-powered tables at the university! In December, the university had "four SolGreen Evodia Mini SmartTables—solar-powered patio tables with built-in charging stations" installed outside the IT Building on the campus...

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