The Georgia General Assembly

There are several solar-related issues being discussed at the State Capitol. The most promising is The Solar Power Free-Market Financing and Property Rights Act of 2015 sponsored by Representative Mike Dudgeon (R- Johns Creek). 

  • Clarifies that free-market financing for small-scale solar power that is widely available in other states can be used in Georgia.
  • Authorizes private sector financing that eliminates up-front costs and makes solar power an even more affordable choice for Georgia property owners, especially the middle class.
  • Lets homeowners and others who don’t qualify or don’t make the cut in Georgia Power’s programs choose solar power at reasonable cost.
  • Enables churches, schools, local governments, and the military to access affordable solar energy and save money on their power bills.
  • Will spur growth in the emerging Georgia solar industry, attract investment from local, national, and international companies, and create high quality new jobs for Georgians.

You can find your State House district by visiting: My Voter Page Once you have your State House district, click on the House of Representatives logo below to find your State Representatives e-mail address and phone number. Then let them know you support The Solar Power Free-Market Financing and Property Rights Act (House Bill 57).  You can also be notified immediately of hearings and legislation being considered by visiting here.

The Georgia Public Service Commission

The PSC is comprised of 5 statewide-elected officials that run for office from 5 districts across the state. Among its responsibilities, the commission regulates Georgia’s 95 electric utilities. Because solar projects connect to the electric grid and can generate excess electricity that is returned to the grid, the PSC factors helps determine a projects overall impact on electricity rates.

In recent years the Georgia PSC has played a lead role in the advancement of solar projects, with most of its members being very supportive of expanded solar options. You can find and contact your PSC member by clicking the PSC logo below and let them know you appreciate their support of solar. In the near future, the PSC is expected to conduct more hearings on the value of solar’s positive impact on our electric grid.

Contact Your Elected Official 

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