Georgia’s Solar Industry

Over the past few years, Georgia has solidified itself as a national leader in solar energy. Advancements in solar options come through two policymaking bodies, the Georgia Public Service Commission and the Georgia General Assembly (State Legislature).  To date, the Public Service Commission has taken the lead on solar policy.  As a result, there are currently more than 150 solar businesses supporting manufacturing and installation jobs throughout the state.

Issues at the Georgia PSC

In 2013, The Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) approved a plan to add 525 megawatts of new solar power by 2016, which makes Georgia one of the nation’s solar growth leaders.

Last year, the PSC also officially dismissed a proposed “solar tax” as part of the rate case settlement. The defeat of the proposed charge was important for market competition and personal property rights.

While the PSC continues to explore new avenues to increase solar energy options, the Georgia General Assembly is considering its own effort to allow expanded solar options.

Issues at the State Capitol

During the 2014 legislative session, Georgia State Representative Mike Dudgeon (R- Johns Creek) introduced legislation that explicitly enables Georgians to secure third-party financing for the installation of solar energy technology.

The Solar Power Free-Market Financing and Property Rights Act (House Bill 874) would allow property owners to contract directly with solar financing companies and avoid the up-front costs of purchasing and installing solar panels.

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