Georgia Southern Installs Solar-Powered Patio Furniture


Every year, students, faculty and staff members at Georgia Southern in Statesboro, Georgia submit proposals for sustainability projects. Recently, $40,950 from the Student Sustainability Fees at the university was used to install four solar-powered tables at the university!

In December, the university had “four SolGreen Evodia Mini SmartTables—solar-powered patio tables with built-in charging stations” installed outside the IT Building on the campus of Georgia Southern. These tables will provide students a space to not only spend free time, but a space to charge devices as well. The tables come with “four power outlets and four USB outlets, shut down automatically during rainstorms, can last five to seven days on stored power during overcast weather and contain LED lights for nighttime use.”

All four tables will be wheelchair accessible, with one being designed specifically to meet wheelchair accessibility needs. The tables are near “a high-traffic area and popular lunch spot,” and will be able to provide the students of Georgia Southern a place to relax between classes, work on assignments, and charge their electronic devices.

Georgia Southern continues the trend of Georgia-based higher education institutions aiming to go solar. Last October, we told you about several solar initiatives at the University of Georgia. In November, Agnes Scott College detailed the challenges they faced as the first nonprofit institution to produce solar power. And then, in December, UGA teamed up with Georgia Power to bring a solar tracking demonstration project to their campus.

More and more each day, homeowners, business owners, and higher education institutions realize the power in going solar. If you have any questions about going solar, please let us know!

Source: The George-Anne

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